The Monthly Roundup: The Best of September 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Roundup for September! As we start a new month I’m sharing a few of the posts you may have missed from this blog. You’ve also got a few thought-provoking, fascinating reads from others that caught my eye this month handpicked for your enjoyment. So grab yourself a cuppa, find a cozy spot, and immerse yourself in the posts below!

From the blog…

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How to know if you have a gut microbiome imbalance

Restoring the balance of your gut microbiome can be an ongoing battle. An imbalanced gut, where bad bacteria run the show, can lead to skin issues (e.g. Rosacea, Eczema), autoimmune diseases, allergies, and everyone’s favourite the incurably irritable, IBS. Discover the key culprits of gut microbiome imbalance and restore the balance to your gut naturally.

Good bacteria vs bad bacteria (2)

Good and bad bacteria in the gut: What’s the difference?

Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria, but not all are created equal. Find out who’s who and how to balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut.

The awkward intersection of IBS and Social Situations

The Awkward Intersection of IBS and Social Situations

People with IBS will tell you they take note of where the bathrooms are in any given social situation. Blunt but true. I do this as well but for a different reason. I keep a tally of nice plush bathrooms as if I’m doing a survey upon arrival. Seashell? check. Dispenser that puffs random cloying perfume at you as you’re about to leave? check, in the public ones. Toilet roll dolly with optional doily? check, in the ’70s ones. For it is in such a place I will likely be having the majority of my dinner. And by that I mean the Gluten-Free bread sandwich with an inoffensive (low FODMAP) filling I brought with me in the likely event there will be nothing I can eat…

Don't want to go back to the office? you're not alone

Don’t want to go back to the office? You’re not alone

Anxiety about going back to the office is real. Hybrid setups are gobbling up more days a week and the thought of returning to ‘normal’ is devastating for many. Going back in means saying goodbye to a newfound work-life balance and readjusting to a more rigid structure. Is it any wonder that most employees don’t want to go back to the office?

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