Summer Roundup: Quarter 2 2024

Welcome to the second roundup of the year! A place where you can catch up on the posts you might have missed from the last 3 months. I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already so let’s dive in.

For those looking for something gut health-related, there are posts on probiotics and sauerkraut. You’ve also got home remedies, tea tree oil soap and even the surprising benefits of Port wine. You’re welcome.

And for those trying to get something done first, there are productivity tips and blogging insights from the experts. Read up on anything that takes your fancy!

23 sweet orange essential oil recipes, benefits and uses

23 Sweet Orange Essential Oil Recipes, Benefits and Uses

Sweet orange essential oil has been refreshing us for centuries with its lovely scent and zesty flavour. This citrusy oil extracted from orange peels has a ton of health benefits and uses besides the obvious huge quantities of vitamin C. A few drops of orange essential oil can give you a boost of energy (we

Port Wine Health Benefits Can it be good for you

Port Wine Health Benefits: Can it Be Good for You?

Who doesn’t love a port wine? It’s one of those typically British traditions, usually served by grandmothers with a nice Cherry Bakewell.  And as I’ve recently been leaning into my old lady era (let’s face it we all knew I’d be getting there early), I thought I’d investigate port wine and its surprising health benefits. So

Can probiotics make you feel worse before better

Can Probiotics Make You Feel Worse Before Better?

If you’re reading this post then I’m guessing you’ve just started taking probiotics and you’re wondering if they can make you feel worse before better. Well, the short answer is yes, they can. While probiotic supplements help improve gut health, especially for those with irritable bowel syndrome or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, some people do

Best Sauerkraut for Probiotics Store-Bought or Homemade

Best Sauerkraut for Probiotics: Store-Bought or Homemade?

If you want to improve your gut health but don’t want to spend loads on probiotic supplements then sauerkraut is probably your best choice. This fermented cabbage dish has been around for centuries, and for good reason – it’s tangy, crunchy, and a great source of probiotics. But which type of sauerkraut should you go

the impressive benefits of tea tree oil soap why it works

The Impressive Benefits of Tea Tree Soap: Why it Works

So, we can’t talk about all these fabulous natural remedies without mentioning the benefits of tea tree soap. All-natural and fresh-from-the-Australian-outback, tea tree soap and I go back a long way (not to the outback though, just to be clear). Somewhere in the late 90s, I discovered the secret to amazing skin and it wasn’t

The Blogging Journey 5 Lessons From The Pros

The Blogging Journey: 5 Lessons From The Pros

The blogging world can seem deceptively simple on the surface – just put your thoughts out into the online ether and watch the readers and revenue roll in, right? However, as anyone with blogging experience will tell you, the journey is a long one, filled with hard work, and unexpected lessons along the way. So

Writing apps for productivity

Best Writing Apps for Productivity? Top Expert Picks

As a writer, having the right tools can be the difference between endlessly staring at a blank page and cranking out words with the efficiency of a literary drill sergeant. When you’re surrounded by digital distractions, writing apps for productivity can keep you focused on the creative bit – the writing. But with so many

Wrap up

Thanks for stopping by (and reading if you made it this far). If you want to reach out and say hello you can contact me here. Otherwise, I appreciate you muchly, and I’ll see you again next time!

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