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Ever heard of a writer subscription box? Monthly boxes have been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s not surprising. Who doesn’t love getting things in the mail (as long as they’re not bills)? It’s like getting a present from someone who knows all your interests and how you work—a monthly delivery of writing gifts. Today we’re taking a closer look at some of the best subscription boxes for writers out there. And there are dozens to choose from, featuring a mix of genres, interests and niches. 

Woman in a blue shirt delivering a brown cardboard subscription box for writers

Subscription boxes can offer a variety of carefully selected titles or self-care treats and writing tools. A monthly membership can not only provide a good reading experience but may give you the creative boost you need.

Here are some of the best book subscription boxes for writers I’ve come across. Let’s dive into what they offer to help with your writing goals.

Book Lover’s Gift Hamper by TeaTime Bookshop

The Book Lover’s Gift Hamper from the TeaTime bookshop is a perfect gift for book nerds everywhere. The first box has an option to include ‘bubbles’. By that, they mean Prosecco, alcoholic teas -which sound interesting, beers, Cidar or Gin and Tonic. 

Or you can just choose tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits. Perfect with a good book. 

an open boo on a table beside a cup f tea ad a stack of books

Depending on how much you want to spend, you’ve also got options for reading lights, tote bags, mugs and themed socks. Every book subscription goes towards the planting of new trees in the UK so you’re not being indulgent, you’re helping the environment. 

If you don’t fancy the gift hamper there are 11 other genres to choose from including Historical fiction, Young Adult Fiction (YA) and Vintage book boxes.

How does it help writers?

The “Surprise me! book box” might be a great way of getting yourself out of your comfort zone and into new styles of writing that could inspire your own work. T

here’s also another option for younger readers that includes board books and picture books, so If you’ve no idea what to read to them, this is a good place to start.

Ye Olde Grimoire

If you’re a big fan of fantasy, you’ll love this subscription service. Every month, the folks at Ye Olde Grimoire send out a fantasy-themed box to get your inspiration juices flowing. This could range from mythical creatures, wizards and witches, legends, and more. 

open book on person's lap sitting on a grey rug with grey socks beside a stack of YA fantasy books, a wreath and cup of tea

In each box, you get four to five handmade items from small businesses, such as bookmarks, candles, decorations, and art prints, as well as a magazine booklet with exclusive content including art, fiction, photography and recipes.

Perfect for the indie fantasy writer who can’t stop browsing Etsy.

On top of that, you get a different fantasy theme every month and exclusive access to fantasy writing contests. Every submission receives feedback. If you win, you’ll get a free box, they’ll feature your story on social media and it’ll appear in the next box.

Well worth a look.

Scribbler Box by Go Scribbler 

Go Scribbler’s Creative Writing Subscription Box is arguably the most popular monthly subscription box out there—and this isn’t without merit. 

This subscription box is filled with interesting goodies and teaching materials from best-selling authors that are beneficial for both amateur and seasoned writers alike. 

When subscribing to a box, you’ll be given two options: Scribbler Slim and Scribbler Box. 

The former contains a newly-released signed novel, a bookmark and learning materials including a booklet that offers an inside look into the publishing process, and a “Writing Passport” that grants exclusive access to a thriving online writing community. 

womans-hands-writing-in-an-open-notebook beside a cup of coffee in a blue cup

The latter includes everything from the Scribble Slim with added notebooks, snacks, pens, and stickers. 

Go Scribbler also has a full list of editorial services that are worth checking out including manuscript, synopsis and query critiques. They also have an agent package which covers feedback for your query letter, synopsis, and first chapter to help you get ready to submit your work.

Writer’s Block Subscription Box 

Constantly afflicted with dreaded writer’s block? If you live in the US, the Writer’s Block Subscription Box might just be the cure you’re looking for. 

a blank lined notebook on a brown table with a fountain pen on top

The Writer’s Block box is designed to inspire you and get you back into writing. If that doesn’t work for you, they have various subscription boxes for writers, including a writing prompt box, a mystery edition and a Sprint box.

Every box contains a local artist-made writing tool, and other goodies including writing exercises, tips and prompts.  

The Writers Box for kids

If you’re looking for subscription boxes for younger writers, you can subscribe to a Writer’s Box from the Writeon Workshops Company.

You can choose from dozens of themes to inspire your younger writer’s imagination and build their storytelling skills. There’s an adventure box, the Great Detective Writer’s box and a Don’t Bug Me Writer’s box to name a few (It’s literally about bugs).

These boxes are printable and come with things like cards, stickers, planners and trivia games. There are also children’s writer’s guides.

If anyone else out there had a FunFax in their youth (besides me and Josh Widdecombe) – this must be the modern equivalent.

Oh, the memories.

Colouring and Classics

You’ll find this one on Cratejoy and it’s all about problem solving and creativity.

With the Colouring and Classics Subscription Box, you get a colouring book for adults, a hardcover book in your chosen genre, and an activity book- great if you’re into puzzles.

The first box also comes with a set of 12 colouring pencils. The Colouring and Classics box is perfect for writers who seek a little more visual stimulation. Colouring is also a great way of relaxing the brain, improving focus and getting you back into that coveted flow state.

Colouring pencils standing in a line

Writing Happy

This great subscription box is UK-based and packed with a wealth of brilliant writing tools, prompts, hints, exercises, and stationery. Let Writing Happy help you through the solitary process of writing and make it, well, happy.

Posted on the 15th of every month, the box includes surprise self-care goodies and screen-free crafts so it feels like a genuine gift. You’ll also get access to online resources and publishing and marketing tips for both traditional and self-published writers. 

Poetry Foundation

a handwritten letter folded on a brown table with a pair of round old fashioned glasses lying on top

The Poetry Foundation doesn’t offer subscription boxes for writers per se, but it gets an honourable mention because of the vast collection of poetry it features.

A subscription to the Poetry Foundation gets you the printed edition of the magazine sent to you every month. You’ll also get access to the archives, audio recordings of poems, and podcasts available in the Poetry Magazine App.

Then there’s the opportunity to submit your work to the magazine.

If you’re published, you’ll get paid, but it might take them 8 months to get back to you. While you’re waiting, if you subscribe to their email list you’ll get a poem a day sent to your inbox which is just a nice way to start the day. 

Happily Ever After Book Box 

Founded in 2021, This book box is the first in the UK to be completely vegan. It’s built on a mission that combines a love for literature with a commitment to sustainability. It’s named Happily Ever After for the planet and animals as well as the subscriber. 

With Happily Ever After, you get to enjoy unread books without worrying about the detrimental impact of buying new books. 

Open books in a pile

The books included in the subscription box are rescued and are unread. Most of these books are in excellent condition, but due to over-publication or not making it to the top of the charts they’re destined to be pulped or sent to a landfill. Shocking I know, but it happens. 

Happily Ever After’s sustainability doesn’t end there. Every purchase donates money to local animal rescue organisations. These include The Wonkey Donkey Sanctuary, The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Millington’s Magical Barn and the Sheffield Cat Shelter.

There are 4 different subscription boxes to choose from: Mystery, Young Adult, Children aged 9-12 and the Book and Pamper Box. The latter includes a surprise book in your chosen genre, vegan chocolate, a hot beverage of your choice (coffee, black tea, or herbal tea,) a bookmark and a surprise cruelty-free beauty product.

Quite the treat.

And you’ll be helping an animal charity too.

Genres include thrillers and crime fiction, non-fiction, Science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction and more. You’ll also get a free tote bag with the 12 or 6-month subscriptions.

A Box of Stories

With free shipping across the UK, A Box of Stories gives readers a surprise box of 4 new books every 1, 2 or 3 months. There’s a variety of genres and you can select up to 2 you’re not interested in.

They specialise in the ‘hidden gems’ and the best books from new voices. This gives you the chance to discover new authors you may not have heard of before. It’s a perfect way to round out your reading experience and inspire your writing with something new.

If you go for a gift box you’ll get the above books, a bookmark and a personalised gift note.

My Chronicle Book Box

a man sitting on the floor reading beside a cup of black coffee, a laptop and a cat

My Chronicle Book Box is an independent bookstore that offers a quarterly or monthly book subscription box. The monthly box comes with a signed new book, 1 to 3 small gifts, and an author letter.

The quarterly box is bigger and contains 3 books and 2 to 4 bookish goodies. The shop also has signed new hardcover books and exclusive discounts for subscribers. There are also some brilliant mugs, tote bags and shelf inserts if you want to go all in.


Whether you’re a reader, a creative writer, or just a massive book nerd, there’s something for everyone. The subscription boxes for writers and readers above offer a great experience catering to all sorts of tastes and genres.

Subscription boxes deliver unique writing tools, special offers, expert advice, and a sprinkle of literary inspiration straight to your doorstep. If that doesn’t help your writing, at least you’ll have a great experience reading and eating vegan chocolate.

Most of the book subscriptions above ship to the UK and I hope they serve to inspire your creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Happy reading (and writing)!

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