The Monthly Roundup: The Best of October 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Roundup for October! This month, we dived into natural wellness and writing. Below, you’ve got the benefits of lesser-known essential oils, Amber and Gardenia oil and how to use them. And for the writers, there’s procrastination advice, the joy of imposter syndrome and burnout, you lucky things. You’ve also got the usual curated picks that caught my eye this month for your reading pleasure. Read on below!

Writing Burnout and Information Overload: How to Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging

Information Overload and Writing Burnout: How to Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging

You may have noticed that this blog went quiet for nearly two years. I disappeared for a lot of reasons. Mainly it was a mixture of writing burnout, imposter syndrome and blogging advice overload. Add a hefty dose of perfectionism and a full-time job and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an abandoned creative outlet. Maybe you

Writer Imposter Syndrome I'm not an expert, here's why you shouldn't listen to me

Writer Imposter Syndrome: I’m Not an Expert Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Me

You know, that feeling you get when you’re trying to write something of value but you’re not an expert? The little voice that says you shouldn’t really be doing this because you’re not good enough? Today we’re talking about writer imposter syndrome.  When you’re not an expert in a niche or genre, you can’t help but think,

Top Tips to Overcome Procrastination A writers guide

Top Tips to Overcome Procrastination: A Writer’s Guide

What’s your writing process? If like me you’ve truly mastered procrastination, you spend a large portion of your writing time doing a lot of non-writing. That is, discovering creative ways to avoid your own writing. 

12 Amazing benefits and uses of Amber essential oil

12 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Amber Essential Oil

In the world of essential oils, one stands out: the “Gold of the North” – Baltic Amber. Why were ancient civilizations so fascinated by it? Was the amber stone just a pretty trinket for them, or did they know something we’re only catching onto now? Today, dear reader, we’re taking a closer look at the

Gardenia essential oil benefits and uses

16 Ways Pure Gardenia Essential Oil Benefits Your Health

I’ve been spending a lot of time gardening lately. Watching plants grow and change through the seasons has a way of putting life in perspective. Flowers take time to grow but the results are worth it. Plus, you can indulge in the numerous health perks, fragrances, and essential oils that plants have to offer.  In

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