Hello, I’m Nicole.

This blog is for those who like a little natural health and wellbeing mixed in with their creative life. Here you’ll get the full package: musings on being an actor, director, writer and musician with a side of natural remedies and self-care. 

I write about life with IBS, chronic skin issues like Rosacea, allergies and the brain-gut-skin connection. I’m not a qualified nutritionist and frankly, I’m not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, I’ll leave that to the pros. What I can tell you about is how I’ve coped with the same stuff that you’re dealing with: what’s worked for me. I also talk about writing, how to stay creative and my favourite reads. Because books.

A bit of history… 

…Or why this blog isn’t just your typical actor-director portfolio of STUFF THAT I HAVE DONE.

Ask any creative person (or yourself- I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise), none of us is only one thing. For me, being healthy, happy and creative is about being a whole person. It’s the little, everyday things we love that make us interesting and unique. That said, here’s some of my story.

I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome- the least glamorous of the syndromes) and have spent the last few years trying to heal my gut. It’s an ongoing journey that’s sometimes 1 step forward, 5 steps back. The more I talk about it though, the more (mainly female voices) I hear describing a lot of the same experiences.

We cope. We live with skin conditions, rubbish immune systems, chronic illness and social pressure while still trying to do what we love.

Life in the arts is tough at the best of times.

It’s often isolating. Whether we’re staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to strike or putting ourselves up for every audition for which we can reasonably fit the brief, it can be exhausting. Also? not 22 anymore. It used to be easier, it used to be more fulfilling. I used to be able to put my shoes on without making that noise when I bend down. Life happens; we lose people. We get older.

But we still want creative space; a metaphorical room of one’s own without self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or others questioning our introvert confidence. We still want to be a part of the world that drew us in when we were younger.

When we spend all our time trying to achieve something before it’s too late, we miss so much of the beauty around us. It’s not good for our mental wellbeing or our physical health. Balance has always been important. And now, I’ve given myself permission to stop bulldozing through life and take better care of myself.

I’m still looking for a real diagnosis (because what does IBS mean anyway?), but I’ve focused on turning a condition that was crippling into something livable. I’ve found ways to make a creative life work for me in a healthy, balanced way.

That way includes space for getting older naturally and confidently. Especially in an industry that doesn’t take women as seriously as it should. While we’re on that subject, it also means owning the right to say “No” and taking the time for self-care.

Have a read and If anything resonates, get in touch! I’d love to help you on your creative journey. I also offer acting coaching services or general pep talks and a cuppa.

Thanks for reading!

Nicole x